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NMN NAD+ Boosters Help During Covid-19 - Multiple Studies

The anti-aging, energy-boosting, health-improving properties of Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) have been for everyone to see since its conception. Not to forget the improvement in cognitive function, sleep cycle, and blood sugar levels - indeed, NMN has been a superstar in the longevity field.

As such, promising results have been achieved with NMN's viability and implications in a myriad of areas pertaining to aging and health. Research is already underway on its potential life-extension capabilities and its efficacy in reversing the effects of aging.

But what hits the headlines more often than not is its potential in treating patients with Covid-19. Trials are being carried out in this regard, with promising preliminary results. Favourably, at the time of writing this article, we have enough backing on NMN and its efficacy in treating Covid-19.

For the purpose of brevity, this article will be looking at the studies on NMN and the associated NAD+ and their involvement in treating Covid-19. That said, we'll proceed chronologically to elucidate these findings better and investigate the latest developments in this field.


In August 2020, Dr. Robert Huizenga from Cedars Sinai Medical Center employed NMN's NAD+ boosting capabilities to treat ten elderly Covid-19 patients. NAD+ is a critical co-enzyme in energy generation and needs to be at optimal levels for cellular processes to function properly. However, it declines with age and is further depleted by ailments like Covid-19.

By administering an NMN cocktail to the patients, Huizenga aimed to lower the influence of SARS-CoV-2 and ultimately document a treatment. Out of the ten patients selected for the study, one didn't show Covid-19 symptoms and was ruled out. All others successfully underwent the treatment and achieved significant improvements in multiple qualities.

Four patients who were critically ill exhibited shortened fever cycles (2-3 days), stabilized (reduced) levels of C-reactive protein (CRP) and Interleukin 6 (IL-6). More importantly, 75% of these patients were discharged from the hospitals in less than five days. Other patients, too, exhibited a positive correlation between NMN cocktail consumption and clinical improvement. All this while, no critically-ill patient had to be admitted to ICU - courtesy of alleviated Covid symptoms and impact.

A month later, Molecular Genetics Specialist and Pediatric Specialist Huda Omran and Mohamed Almaliki published a literature review suggesting how NAD+ influences aging and health and could act against Covid-19 infection

Due to aging-related biological impairment, heart function declines together with the lungs. All these, coupled with NAD+ depletion, cause an increase in pro-inflammatory cytokines. And it is the combination of factors like these that lay the platform for Covid-19 risks in elderly patients.

Authors posit that the administration of NAD+ can directly inhibit the "effect on PARP-1 and prevent pro-inflammatory cytokines over-activation" alongside stabilizing "telomeres" for proper immune function and minimizing biological changes. Factoring in the benefits of Covid prophylaxis by administering NMN and stopping the infection from taking hold is undoubtedly a step forward in treating Covid-19 - or preventing it in the first place.


A similar study was put forth by clinical specialists at the American University of Beirut, University of Oklahoma, and University of Mississippi Medical Centre in Q3 2021. The authors discussed how SARS-CoV-2 is directly associated with "cellular infection" and how such association is further escalated by age-related impairment in cellular immunity. 

The result? Depletion of NAD+ levels and inhibition of the associated mitochondrial function, coupled with the increased presence of pro-inflammatory cytokines. This potential impact, as elucidated by the authors, "could be directly linked to COVID-19's deadly manifestations."

This more or less reinforces the previously introduced arguments and how relevant it is to revamp cell immunity. Although there are multiple ways to achieve this, studies favour the administration of NMN as it could stimulate both cellular and mitochondrial function. In turn, this would significantly improve immune function and maybe even have a better influence against Covid-19 manifestations.


A recently issued research paper by clinical specialists at Harvard Medical School also emphasized the importance of restoring cellular function in combating the effects of Covid-19 through NAD+ boosters. 

The authors explicate how SARS-CoV-2 impacts the poly-ADP-ribose polymerase (PARP) families, which are NAD+ enzymes and responsible for the antiviral response. The Covid-19 infection has also been reported to inhibit the sirtuin levels, which is also, as a matter of fact, a viral-fighting NAD+ enzyme. 

Specialists elaborate on how Covid-19 is further linked to the hyperactivation of the immune system, leading to an increase in kappa B, NOD-, LRR-, and NLRP3 — all contribute to cytokine storms. As such, the authors recommend NAD+ booster therapies and compounds as possible treatment modalities. 

On that note, researchers at the Institute of Genetics and Development Biology (China) affirm the notion that NMN and its boosting capabilities could serve as suitable treatment modalities (or even preventative measures) against Covid-19.

Summing Up

So, there's a clear nexus between NAD+ and Covid-19 and how the two work against each other. While the former contributes to cellular function, it is notable that the latter poses several risks for older adults who fall ill with it. 

As the body ages and pro-inflammatory cytokines spark cellular over-reaction, biological problems surface. This makes them more susceptible to conditions like Covid-19, which impairs immune function.

In that light, the results from these studies are incredibly encouraging and should have us excited. NMN, combined with NAD+, can be a central pillar in contributing to the Covid-19 treatment and possibly even prevent the virus from manifesting symptoms in the first place.

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